Want To Redeem V-Buck Gift Card? Know-How To Redeem

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The first basic step of redeeming a v-buck gift card and vbucks giveaway is to visit the official website of Fortnite and log in there. By creating an account, you will get the compatibility on your device through which redeeming coupons and gift card become easier. You have to scratch the code from the backside of the card and enter the code here. Make sure that you are not listing any dash while writing the coupon. Always check the expiry date of the coupon so that you will redeem it within the time limit. There are different platforms that you will see here for redeeming coupons, such as mobile devices, PC or MAC compatibility, and Nintendo switches. 

There are three basic options in mobile devices: choosing an iPhone, iPad, or using an android device. You can also access it on play station and Xbox, but it will be only possible when you are not using any other device for playing fortnite. 

What are the things one should check?

An epic account will be created when you will visit the Fortnite website and further review all the details in which the new balance will be registered. Then, click on the confirmation button to confirm your code. By this time, you will also get a notification on your mobile device from which you have registered your account on Fortnite. 

What happens when you use the v-buck gift card on Xbox?

If you redeem the code on Xbox, then you have to create a Microsoft or a sony account because it will only be redeemed here. You also need a second code for registering here otherwise, it won’t work properly. Finally, there is a 25-character code that will only be accessed by using a third-party website otherwise, you won’t redeem it. 


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