Step By Step Guide As How To Repair The Refrigerator In Perfect Manner

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When you buy a new refrigerator, it’s easy to forget that there are some repairs that need to be done. After all, your fridge is not going to get old overnight and need replacing soon. A lot of people think that the only thing they have to worry about when their refrigerators break down is whether or not the cold air will come out.

But this is also one of the most common mistakes people make. Even the most expensive models in the market today can still experience problems with the refrigeration system. And if you do take your fridge to a professional for repairs, you might end up paying more than what you paid for your fridge. So, before you throw away your money on a replacement, check out these six common refrigerator repair tips first.

1. Check the Thermostat

One of the main reasons why your fridge breaks down is because of an improper thermostat setting. If you aren’t sure how to change the thermostat setting properly, then you should ask an expert like a home appliance technician to show you how to do it. But even if you know how to set the thermostat, you should still regularly check its settings to ensure that it does work at the correct temperature level.

If you notice that your thermostat isn’t working correctly, it may mean that your fridge has been damaged by water or something else.

You can also use the freezer compartment to test the thermostat function. Simply open the door to see if the ice freezes instantly as it does when everything is working normally. The fact that the ice doesn’t melt immediately means that the thermostat is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

2. Clean the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil inside the refrigerator is responsible for keeping the inside of the fridge cool. However, over time, the coils could become dirty and clog up, causing the fridge to stop functioning properly.

To prevent this from happening, always clean the evaporator coil before calling a refrigerator repair company. This way, you will avoid spending your hard-earned money on hiring someone who can’t fix your problem.

Also, don’t use any cleaning liquid to wipe off the dirt around the coils. Instead, use a soft cloth soaked in warm water and some mild dishwashing soap. Do this carefully so that you don’t remove the protective coating on the coils.

3. Inspect Your Compressor Motor

Your compressor motor is another important part of the refrigerator that needs regular maintenance. It’s very possible that the compressor motor will fail at some point, especially during peak periods when the compressor runs nonstop.

Inspect the motor after each cycle of using the refrigerator. If you find any signs of wear or damage, you should replace the compressor motor immediately. These damages include loose bolts, broken wires, worn brushes, or bent fins.

However, if everything seems fine, but you still feel uneasy about the condition of the motor, it’s best to hire an experienced service provider to inspect and fix it for you.

4. Check the Air Filter

Another important component of the refrigerator is the filter installed inside the ventilation system. When it becomes clogged due to dust and debris, it prevents air from circulating freely through the refrigerator. As a result, the refrigerator won’t be able to keep things cool.

It’s best to check your refrigerator air filters every month or two. To do this, simply turn off the power supply and remove the cover in front of the fan. Remove the filter by gently pulling it upward, being careful not to rip it. Then, put the filter back into place and secure it with the screws that are already present on the underside of the refrigerator.

5. Test the Water Line

Sometimes, leaks and cracks occur in the water line of the refrigerator. If you notice leaky faucets or pipes, you should check whether the water line is leaking first. Because if it is leaking, your fridge will no longer be able to perform its cooling duties properly.

To test the water line, simply fill a bucket with hot water and let it cool. Observe the water level in the bucket. It should only reach half way up. If the water reaches right below the top, then the water line is leaking.

Then, call a professional to fix the leak and the issue will be resolved once and for all.

6. Replace the Insulation Foam

Insulation foam is a vital part of the insulation for your refrigerator. Over time, it will degrade and cause the insulation to lose effectiveness. In addition, it could develop mold and bacteria growth, causing other issues such as odor, discoloration, and discolored food.

Before calling a refrigerator repair company, you should check the insulation foam yourself to see if there is anything wrong with it. All you have to do is remove the plastic sheet covering the insulation foam and look at it closely. Also, try spraying some bleach solution on it. If the foam starts to bubble, it’s best to replace the foam with a new one.
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