Some Common Kitchen Sets That Include All The Features That A Child Look For

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If you’re looking for the best play kitchen suited for day care facility, then you’ve come to the right place. The best play kitchens are easy to set up and take down. They also provide children with an environment that promotes healthy development. This guide is meant to help parents select the best play kithes for their little ones. 

The best play kits have a variety of features that make them safe and fun for young kids. These include: 

– Easy assembly 

– Easy cleanup

– Low cost 

– Safe materials 

Here are some play kitchens that fit all these criteria: 

  1. KidKraft’s “Kid’s Kitchen” 

The Kid’s Kitchen from KidKraft is a great choice for any type of daycare setting. It comes in three sizes; 20L, 30L or 40L. Each unit has a drawer under the cooking surface that can hold a variety of objects such as cups, plates, bowls and utensils. The Kid’s Kitchen also has four cupboards on each side that are perfect for storing toys, books and other items. There are two shelves on top of the cabinets that can be used for storing food items. 

  1. Kids’ Big Kitchen 

The Kids’ Big Kitchen from Toys R Us is another popular choice. The kit includes everything needed to cook meals for kids with different ages. With this kit, you don’t need to buy anything extra to make sure your child is well fed at home. 

This kit contains over 60 pieces of equipment including knives, forks, spoons, measuring cups and pots. It also includes six serving dishes along with six cups, six glasses, six silverware sets and six plastic forks and knives. You’ll even find a cutting board, mixing bowl and measuring cup. 

  1. Fisher Price’s “Food Processor Food Center” 

This model from Fisher Price provides lots of space for kids to create a variety of foods and snacks. The kit comes with a large work surface and a small storage area that allows you to keep the tools necessary to prepare food easily accessible. 

  1. “Bibs & Bows Mini Play Kitchen” 

Another great option for the best play kitchens suitable for day cares is the Bibs & Bows Mini Play Kitchen. This kit is ideal for younger kids because it comes with a simple design that will appeal to most children. 

The kit comes with a countertop that is made of durable plastic and there is a storage cabinet underneath where you can store additional supplies like bowls and spoons. The kit also includes a knife and fork, a measuring cup, a spoon, a glass and more. 

  1. Kid’s Kitchen by Vtech 

Many parents choose the Kid’s Kitchen by Vtech because it is one of the safest options available. Children can enjoy preparing their own meals using this kit while learning about nutrition and healthy eating habits. 

With the Kid’s Kitchen by Vtech, you get a full-size electric stove, sink, refrigerator with freezer compartment, microwave oven, and dishwasher. The kitchen also has a large work surface that is large enough to accommodate multiple activities at once. The Kid’s Kitchen by Vtech also comes with a variety of utensils including spatulas, whisks, ladles, knives, forks and more. 

  1. Kmart’s “Durable Cookware Set” 

The Kmart Durable Cookware Set is a great option if you want to ensure your child is eating nutritious meals during his stay at daycare. The durable cookware set comes with five stainless steel pans that are safe for use in the microwave and on the stove. 

You also get an assortment of wooden and silicone bake sheets, a set of eight flatware pieces and four spatulas. There is no need to worry about buying extras since you already have everything you need to make delicious meals for your kid here. 

  1. Munchkin’s “Munchkin Kitchen” 

The Munchkin Kitchen from Munchkin is another versatile kitchen that is perfect for daycares. The kit includes everything you need to prepare meals and snacks for your child. 

In addition to the durable work surface, the kitchen also has a large fridge and freezer compartment. The fridge has the capacity to hold 12 cans of soup or 32 bottles of juice. The freezer has room for 15 frozen dinners. 

  1. Little Tikes’ “Cooking Station” 

The Cooking Station from Little Tikes is another great option for the best play kitchens suited for daycares. With its sturdy construction, this model is excellent for active kids who love playing with sharp tools. 

The kitchen comes with a large work surface that is big enough to handle multiple tasks at once. In addition to the work surface, the Cooking Station also has a built-in refrigerator/freezer, a sink and a stove. The Kitchen also comes with a large storage basket so you can keep the cooking tools handy for quick access. 

  1. Little Tikes’ “Big Kitchen” 

Like the above mentioned models, the Big Kitchen from Little Tikes is another good choice for your child’s activity center. The kitchen has many convenient features that allow kids to feel independent when they are ready to start preparing their own meals. 

For example, the Big Kitchen has an electric stove and oven for heating food while the refrigerator and freezer area keeps food fresh and cold. The kitchen also has a spacious work surface along with plenty of storage space for all the essentials. 

  1. Creative Education’s “Fisher-Price Smart Serve Meals” 

Creative Education’s Smart Serve Meals are another great option for the best play kitchens suited for daycares. These are designed specifically for children aged 1 through 5 years old. 

The kit comes with a sturdy work surface, a microwave, a refrigerator and an automatic hot water dispenser for making hot drinks. The kitchen also comes with a set of measuring cups, spoons and tongs. 

These are the main option of the mänguköök that are available for the users. A person can plan to do the proper analysis and then end up in choosing the option that will give him with the good returns in the future. The try of the person must be to get the options that are a favorable one and will prove to be beneficial.

If you want to ensure your child eats healthy meals at daycare, consider choosing one of the 10 best play kitchens for daycares.


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