Should A Person Plan To Play The Pokemon Go Game On Online Sites?

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The next Pokemon Go Fest is fast approaching, and it’s time for fans of the game to start making plans. While Niantic is still working out the last details on how it’ll work, there are several things that we know already, like what you can expect at an upcoming event.

We’ve rounded up all the info you need about the next big Pokemon Go gathering, including when and where the event will be held, what to expect, and more.

Pokemon Go Fest 2022

Pokemon Go Fest will run from Aug. 12-14 in multiple locations around the country. As usual, all three days will feature live events, though exact times have yet to be announced. The first day, Aug. 12, will kick off with a special ” 

Pokestop Challenge,” 

which allows players to get free items while capturing Pokemon by visiting Pokestops during the event. On Aug. 13, there will be another Pokemon Go Fest event called ” 

Team Go” 

that will allow trainers to form teams of two or four people for battles against other teams. Finally, on Aug. 14, there will be a Pokemon Go Fest ” 

Gym Battle” 

event, where players will battle each other using their best Pokemon in gyms that are also set up across the US.

While Niantic has not released any announcements regarding the actual schedule and location of the event, its official website lists some cities that may host Pokemon Go Fest gatherings. These include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, DC, and many others. You can find all the possible locations here. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Pokemon Go Fest usually takes place during the weekdays, so this year’s event should follow suit. There’s no word yet on whether the event will take place on weekends as well.

With all that said, here are a few things we know about next month’s event already.

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When will Pokemon Go Fest 2022 happen?

Niantic hasn’t officially confirmed the dates of this year’s event just yet. However, based on past experience, we’re expecting Pokemon Go Fest 2022 to take place sometime between Aug. 12-Aug. 14. We’ve covered the event before, and it usually happens during the summer months, so Pokemon Go Fest 2022 could very well take place in August.

What Pokemon will be available for capture during Pokemon Go Fest 2022?

According to Pokemon Go’s official Twitter account, the following Pokemon will be available throughout the entire event:

Charizard (Fire)

Caterpie (Bug/Fairy)

Charmander (Fire)

Cyndaquil (Water)

Ditto (Ghost/Normal)

Eevee (Bug/Fairy)

Farfetch’d (Bird)

Hoothoot (Aquatic)

Jigglypuff (Mixed)

Luvdisc (Dragon)

Marill (Water)

Meganium (Steel)

Metapod (Bug/Aquatic)

And yes, Charizard will be back in action again. It’s been around since the original release of the game, but it was removed from the game in December 2019. So if you see him roaming around town, he was most likely captured by someone else during the event.

Where do you go to catch Pokemon during Pokemon Go Fest 2022?

As usual, Pokémon Go players will be able to catch them at various locations throughout the city, such as in parks, buildings, museums, and other public spaces. You can even use your own phone’s GPS function to find these places. Of course, it’s always best to keep your eyes peeled for wild Pokémon, because they’re much harder to catch than those that are found at PokeStops or Gyms.

How do you win in Gym Battles?

If you want to compete in a Gym Battle, you’ll need to bring a team of four Pokemon. Each member of your team must be different types, so one of your Pokemon will be Water, one Bug, one Fire, and one Fighting. Your team will have to defeat a rival team’s team of four members before you can claim victory. Each side will have a total of five Pokemon, but the number of attacks you can make per turn depends on the type of Pokemon you have.

Is there anything else you need to know about Pokemon Go Fest 2022?

One thing that Niantic hasn’t revealed about the event yet is what you can expect once you arrive at the location. For example, we don’t know if all the PokeStops, Gyms, and other features will be open to everyone, or if only certain groups will be allowed access. In addition, we don’t know if all the events listed above will actually occur on the scheduled date and time. And finally, we don’t know who will be hosting the event yet either.

However, based on previous information collected by our readers, we know that you won’t be able to catch new Pokemon during the event. This will probably mean that you’ll have to wait until after the event to catch all the new ones that were added to the game since then. That means that you might want to check out where the new Pokémon are hanging out in advance, so that you can catch them right away.

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