Lower Back Pain During Early Pregnancy

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While being pregnant, women may experience a different kind of signs and symptoms, including dizziness, nausea, missed period, as well as lower-back pain. Pain in the lower back only occurs in the first trimester of being pregnant with 80% of expecting women. Often, aside from lacking one’s period, women can find out she is pregnant if she is encountering regular lower back pain during early pregnancy.

Lower back pain during early pregnancy can be a result of many factors. Several of the reasons for this back pain are the following:

• Stretching on the ligaments – a female’s body demands to arrange and stretch itself along the abdominal area for pregnancy. For that reason, women who are pregnant can experience pains in the lower part of their back.

• Excess weight – when pregnant, a woman may gain extra weight. For that reason, and along with the weight of the developing fetus, the spinal column cannot include the weight well.

• Position – as the belly of an expectant mother enlarges, she’s the tendency to bend backwards, resulting to pain in her back.

• Center of gravity – the woman’s body begins to move forward due to the swelling of the uterus.

• Stress – pregnancy can be a stressful time for a woman, both mentally and physically. Because of that, the pelvis weakens and back pain results.

• Hormones – hormones are extremely much active in pregnancy. Progesterone, a hormone created by women, may soften the pelvic ligaments to cause back pain.

• Urinary tract infections – UTI may be a cause of back pains, and during pregnancy, women are more vulnerable to have UTI.

Pregnant women should not worry if ever they are suffering from lower back pain during early pregnancy. It can be a normal phase of being pregnant. Nevertheless, there are no approaches for these to stop occurring, you will still find measures, which can help the pain to be manageable.

A pregnant woman can perform these following steps to minimize the pain they’re going to experience in their lower backs:

• To start with, it is important for a pregnant woman to perform exercises on their pregnancy. Try doing back exercises to help decrease the pains in your back. You can do walking, pelvic rocking, stretching, along with back exercises.

• Drink a lot of fluid to help relieves the pain a result of UTI.

• Take lots of rest. Women who are pregnant require a lot of rest, to get more strength and energy for her and the baby’s health.

• When lying down, placing a pillow on your lower back can really help ease the lower the pain in early pregnancy.

• Stop wearing heels and high-heeled shoes while pregnant. Just wear flats and comfy footwear that will help you achieve more balance.

The stated tips above some of the cures and safety measures that a young pregnant woman can do to eliminate the soreness experienced caused by lower back pain during early pregnancy. It is normal for women to experience several uneasy as well as painful symptoms during pregnancy. These things are not to be avoided, but by doing preventive measures, could make them bearable. Pregnancy is really a crucial period for every woman, so utmost care needs to be observed to guarantee the safety and health of both mother and child.


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