How to Prevent Knee Pain and Injuries?

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The knee is a critical joint that connects the hip, thigh, and lower leg. It has muscle attachments, ligaments to hold it together, and many patella tendons that attach the kneecap to the shinbone. The knee structure also contains two quadriceps muscles on its front side which are used for both standing up straight and providing power for bending the leg at the knee. The cause of back of the knee pain mainly occurs due to bad posture, and here are some tips to prevent it. 

Tips to Prevent –

  1. Whether or not it’s been damaged, the knee is a weak joint and needs to be treated with the same respect as any other area injured. If you over-work the knee joint, it will need frequent re-strengthening; even if it is simply doing leg lifts or walking, injuries can/will eventually occur.
  2. Pain behind the knee, especially after sitting for prolonged periods, is often due to nerve damage causing numbness and tingling in that area. It is the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of your leg. If you feel pain after prolonged sitting, try to stretch out and move your legs as much as possible during that time.
  3. Running and squatting are two activities that involve a lot of knee stress and are often prone to injury. “Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome” (general discomfort in front of your knee) is familiar with these activities. Make sure to stretch your calves, quadriceps muscles, and hamstrings before and after these activities.
  4. If you tend to run on the side of your feet instead of placing your feet flat on the ground, you will have a greater tendency to develop a more severe injury in that knee. Try running on your toes more often.

The knee is a complex structure containing many muscle attachments, ligaments, and tendons. Good conditioning and the proper precautions can help prevent knee injuries from happening.


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