Growing Concerns About The Abuse Misuse Of Plyometrics

Posted by - September 29, 2020

Plyometrics represent a form of exercise that has been employed over the last 30 years by elite athletes in order to promote speed, explosiveness, and faster reaction times. But more recently, plyometrics have found their way into the mainstream as a result of the wildly increasing popularity of jump filled workouts such as high intensity

Depression And Pain What We Can Learn From Retired Pro Football Players

Posted by - September 25, 2020

Retired professional football players experience levels of depressive symptoms similar to those of the general population, but the impact of their depressive symptoms is compounded by high levels of chronic pain. The combination of depression and pain is associated with sleep disorder, problematic social relationships, financial difficulties, and problems with maintaining exercise and fitness. In

What Does An Antibiotic Resistance Mean

Posted by - September 19, 2020

Antibiotic resistance refers to bacteria’s ability to resist the effects of an antibiotic and continue multiplying even while the antibiotic is still present. This usually occurs when the bacteria or the microbes change in a way that decreases the effectiveness of different types of antibiotics or chemicals that usually cure the infection. Why do bacteria

Botox Training For Physicians The New Craze

Posted by - September 19, 2020

Cosmetic dermatology has been very important to dermatologists who are its primary innovators. During the 1900s, dermatologists used dermabrasion to improve acne scarring and fat micro-transfer was utilized to fill in cutaneous effects. In recent times, dermatologists have developed safe and effective employment of lasers as well as new filling agents such as collagen and

Are Hack Squats Bad For Knees

Posted by - September 19, 2020

The modern “hack squat” machine is a unique piece of weight training equipment that puts you in a fixed position in order to carry out the squat exercise. Your feet are fixed by virtue of the fact that your body bears weight while your feet are positioned on a footplate. (The footplate may vary in